Hangout-a-thon: 36-Hours for Science

Join us for guests, door prizes, games, and a whole lot of fundraising for science.


Sat, October 24, 2020 – Sun, October 25, 2020

10:00 AM – 11:00 PM CDT




CosmoQuest is your place to learn and do science. From offering opportunities to partner with scientists to map our our Solar System and beyond, to producing Astronomy Cast, the Daily Space, and 365 Days of Astronomy, we offer myriad programs for anyone with a passing or deeply help love of space sciences. Our media productions are paid for through your donations and our citizen science efforts are thanks to volunteers. We need your help to pay our part-time humans and to pay our full time servers and software licenses. CosmoQuest costs roughly $130,000 per year at the moment. Let's raise what we can in a single weekend so that we will need to beg less for the rest of the year. Together, we can keep the science flowing. Get your free "Ticket" to signup for information, to receive links to videos after the event, and to make it easier for us to get you any giveaways you may win.

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